Whose Fault is it?

In recent news, a spotlight has been placed on domestic violence. It’s as if the outside world is seeing what so many people keep quiet in the dark. The public is outraged, an opinionated. This “new” problem demands answers, everyone wants a solution. Everyone wants to point a finger at someone else.  “That victim should have left her abuser!” or “That employer needs to fire that employee!” are common things I’ve been hearing. We’re so quick to blame victims, even to the slightest degree.

The Great Escape

September 5th -6th  10am to 8pm Friday, 9am to 3pm Saturday Conway Expo Center $10 Admission Massages, Facials, Haircuts and Styling $10 each Shopping Proceeds benefit emergency shelter programm. For more info call 501-730-9864

The Lie

When you are in an abusive relationship, the abuser holds the power; it is after all, power that the abuser wields best of all weapons. You come to a point, whether it is early in the relationship, or many years into the relationship, that you start to consider getting out. Leaving. What will this leaving thing be like? Maybe you’ve left before, only to return.  For whatever reason, financial dependency, emotional attachment, or fear, you felt you had to go back.

Support the Women's Shelter of Central Arkansas

If at least 50 supporters show up and eat at McAlister’s Deli on Tuesday between 5-8pm, McAlister’s Deli will donate 10% of the night’s proceeds to benefit Conway’s local shelter!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5-8 PM

McAlister’s Deli

2465 Sanders Rd • Conway, AR 72032

What Happens Here Doesn’t Stay Here

We’ve all heard the saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” or some version thereof.  Thinking about that topic got me to thinking about the shelter. Certainly there are aspects of shelter life about which that phrase could be said. What happens at the Women’s Shelter stays at the Women’s Shelter! More importantly though, I think so much of what happens at the Women’s Shelter does NOT stay there.

What it's All About

When people think of a shelter program, I can only wonder what they imagine. In their minds does it seem institutional? Does the problem of domestic violence seem abstract, as if it's something you see on TV. but never really come into contact with? How is the work done at our program viewed by the general public? Do they think our work makes a difference? Do they really understand what it's all about?

New Sexual Assault Program Director

The Women's Shelter of Central Arkansas would like to officially welcome Kate Vincent as a member of our team! Kate joined The Women's Shelter staff, filling the role of Sexual Assault Program Director earlier this month.

Originally from Ada, Michigan, Kate worked for Amway World Headquarters  for 25 years.  Additionally, she has 7 years experience as a Sexual Assault Crisis volunteer with the YWCA. Kate and her husband, Barry, relocated to Arkansas in 2010.

We are pleased to have her as an advocate for victims in our community.

Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. Ever.

LogoDomestic violence should not happen to anybody. Ever. Period. But it does - and when it does, there is help. Maybe you have lived with abuse, maybe it happened just once; maybe you work or live next to someone who is being abused right now. Whoever you are- we are here to HELP. Here you will find information to help you get support and plan for your safety.

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