<br /><strong>If you or someone you know has been Sexually Assaulted or Raped, please contact us at our 24 hr Crisis Response Hotline:  866-358-2265</strong><strong>We care and would like to help YOU!</strong><strong>About Us…</strong>The Department of Finance Administration requested The Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas start a Sexual Assault program due to the high demand for one in Conway. In December of 2005, The Sexual Assault Crisis Response became a division of The Women’s Shelter. We have trained Crisis Advocates. The Sexual Assault Program Director is Kate Vincent. Our office is located at 505 Amity Rd. Office 608 in Conway.<em><strong>Why do I need a Sexual Assault Advocate?</strong></em>They can:</p>
<li>Inform you of your rights as a sexual assault survivor.</li>
<li>Provide emotional support.</li>
<li>Assist you in making decisions about  Personal safety planning. Obtaining medical attention.  Reporting the incident to police. Getting other, urgent personal needs met.</li>
<li>Meet you at the Hospital for support and advocacy during the Medical Forensic Exam.</li>
<li>Meet you at the Police Station for support and advocacy when you report the incident.</li>
<p>We make sure that you understand your options so you can make decisions that are right for you. We’re your voice when you can’t speak.  We have your best interests at heart. If you need help or would just like to talk, please call us. <em><strong>866-358-2265</strong></em> We care and we’re here for YOU!<strong><em>Services we provide:</em></strong>Trained Advocates available 24-hours to help victims and survivors of sexual assault. The Crisis Hotline provides:</p>
<li>Crisis intervention by phone through the 24-hour confidential crisis hotline for survivors dealing with the aftermath of an assault.</li>
<li>Sensitive, supportive care for victims of sexual assault in immediate crisis. Crisis services are also provided to friends or family who accompany victims seeking medical care.</li>
<li>General referral information for area medical, legal, and counseling services.</li>
<p><strong><em>Short-Term Respite:  </em></strong>One to three days shelter is provided at The Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas for victims in immediate crisis who are unable to return safely to their homes.<strong><em>Short-term Crisis Counseling: </em></strong> Individual crisis counseling sessions for Sexual Assault survivors are available with trained crisis intervention advocates.<strong><em>Sexual Assault/Rape Support Groups: </em></strong> A facilitator-led support group is available to adult women who were sexually abused as children or sexually assaulted as adults.<strong>Date/Time:</strong>  Every Wed. 8:00 a.m. –  9:00 a.m.<strong>Location:</strong>    930 Wingate, Building B, Suite 3, Conway, AR 72034For more information regarding Support Groups, please contact the Executive Office at 501-358-6217<br />